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Greater Tenali Leprosy Treatment and Education Scheme Society – GRETNALTES is a registered society with Register Number. 145 under Societies Act 1860, established in the year 1981, with the motto “TO SERVE THOSE MOST IN NEED”.

It started the Leprosy Relief activities first in Tenali, a small town in Guntur District of Andhrapradesh, INDIA, and later extended its services to 3 important districts of AndhraPradesh, namely Guntur, Khammam and Rangareddy. The Prime concern of the organisation is to serve the people suffering from Hansen’s disease – LEPROSY.


A Society free of Leprosy burden and other poverty related diseases. A Society with no person with deformities caused due to Leprosy. The children of the sufferers from Leprosy and other diseases get high quality and value added education in such a way that they help the unprivileged people of the society in future.


GRETNALTES is a voluntary and philanthropic Non – Profitable organisation, fighting against Leprosy and Tuberculosis, aiming towards other Poverty related diseases. It also extended its services to education other than health, inorder to provide quality education to the unprivileged children such as children from ...

Leprosy Relief

Survey Education Treatment - SET
Referral Hospital
Disability Prevention and Medical Rehabilitation
Prevention of Impairments and Disabilities
Socio Economic Rehabilitation

Educaional Services

In the year 2003, GRETNALTES started an Integrated Educational Institute at Morampudi, in order to provide quality and Value added education to the children from Leprosy Affected Families, Poor Rural children and unprivileged children viz. orphans, children of the HIV/AIDS infected, children who are living Below Poverty Line, neglected rural female children etc. It is recognised by the Government of AndhraPradesh and permitted to run the classes from 1 to 10th Standard.