Educaional Services

In the year 2003, GRETNALTES started an Integrated Educational Institute at Morampudi, in order to provide quality and Value added education to the children from Leprosy Affected Families, Poor Rural children and unprivileged children viz. orphans, children of the HIV/AIDS infected, children who are living Below Poverty Line, neglected rural female children etc. It is recognised by the Government of AndhraPradesh and permitted to run the classes from 1 to 10th Standard.



  • To ensure good and quality education to the children of the sufferers from the Stigmatized diseases like Leprosy,  T.B, HIV/AIDS etc., and other disabled persons, Orphans  etc.
  • To   Eliminate   Stigma in   the   Society against   Leprosy   by providing good health education to the children because they are the future Citizens of the modern society.