Referral Hospital - L.H

GRETNALTES started a Referral Centre in the year 1986 in its own premises at Morampudi village. It started with 21 beds and presently upgraded to 32 beds. It provides temporary hospitalisation facility for both Inpatients and Out Patients for their complications viz. Ulcers, Reactions, other general Complications and Surgical Corrections. It is catering to the needs of the PALs of not only Guntur District but also of the neighbouring Districts namely – Krishna, Nalgonda, Khammam and Prakasam. In the year 2009, the funding agency - FAIRMED (the only Sponsor for GRETNALTES), introduced a new concept of OBA – Output Based Aid which created a positive impact on GRETNALTES in both Technical and Quality aspects.

According to the OBA concept
The Inpatients are categorised as

  • IP 0 – In-patient with General Complications
  • IP 1 – In-patient with Reaction
  • IP 2 – In-patient with Simple Ulcer
  • IP 3 – In-patient with Complicated Ulcer
  • IP 4 – In-patient with Septic Ulcer
  • IP 5 – In-patient for Hand Reconstruction
  • IP 6 – In-patient for Foot Reconstruction
  • IP 7 – In-patient for Legaptholomos

The Out-patients are categorised as

  • OP 0 – Out-patient with General Complication
  • OP 1 – Out-patient with Ulcer
  • OP 2 – Out-patient with Reaction


  • To ensure clinical Leprosy Services to the Persons Affected with Leprosy
  • To provide Physiotherapy to the PALs for their Deformities
  • To treat the PALs for their Complicated Ulcers Who are in badly need of Hospitalisation
  • To treat the PALs for their Reactions
  • To implement “Care after Cure”,as PALs need Lifelong assistance for their Permanent Deformities