After a decade of tremendous service, the DISPEL changed its phase as POID- Prevention of Impairments and Disabilities due to Leprosy in the year 2010. This pogramme aims towards the self-care for the Disabilities of Persons Affected with Leprosy. The two mobile action teams and a base team will take care of the persons Affected with Leprosy by way of providing Extensive Self-care Education and Counselling. Each team consists of a Physio-Technician, a Counsellor.

The Expected results are

Disability Grade O cases among new cases must remain on Grade-0.
Disability Grade 1 cases among the new cases must remain on Grade 1 level or improved towards Grade 0
The number of Disability Grade 2 cases among new cases must be reduced
The ulcer development among old cases must be reduced proportionately.
According to WHO -World Health Organisation
Grade 0-No Visible deformities.
Grade 1-No Visible deformities but Sensory Loss in hands and/or feet.
Grade 2-Visible deformities
Old cases - Persons Affected with Leprosy with already existing disabilities either of Grade 1 or Grade 2.

Survey Education and Treatment Programme – SET

GRETNALTES conducted SET programme of National Leprosy Elimination - NLEP programme in 3 districts of Andhrapradesh, namely Guntur, Khammam and Rangareddy by covering a population of 3 million. With the help of Multi Drug Therapy - MDT, about 65,000 Persons Affected with Leprosy got cured from the disease.

Rehabilitation activities to Persons Affected with Leprosy

This is the most neglected area in the health sector. Keeping this in view. GRETNALTES took a practical approach. It has trained the Persons Affected with Leprosy, in various fields viz. Letter Printing Press, Screen printing, M.C.R. - Micro Cellular Rubber foot wear making, tailoring, manufacturing of fragnance sticks etc. It rehabilitated the Persons Affected with Leprosy by providing subsidiary and interest free loans for small businesses, professional work etc.


  • To help the PALs inorder to have better Livelihood
  • To ensure Integity Dignity and Economical Advancement for PALs
  • To create educational opportunities to the children of PALs and the children who are affected with Leprsoy
  • To empower them inorder to fight for their rights
  • To make efforts inorder to reduce the social stigma
  • To support them morally inorder to have better access to the General Helath structure