About Founder

Having suffered with all ailments including flexion deformities, drop foot, lagophthalmos etc., in leprosy; the founder of GRETNALTES Mr. V. Venkateswara Rao, in utter despair and deep distress, abandoned his family. Fortunately, the treatment consisting of monotherapy of DDS, yielded good results on him miraculously and healed all his ailments. In course of treatment, deformities were also corrected by surgery. Since then, people suffering from the leprosy disease started consulting him for an advice regarding the treatment. This made him to take a decision to dedicate the rest of his life for leprosy service. He was encouraged with the support of great persons like Mr. Alapati Dharma Rao, and Mr. Neti Parasurama Sharma.

I am privileged to be myself one among the brothers and sisters affected by Leprosy. My self-suffering from H.D. with all its notorious deformities, made me dedicated myself to see my brethren without developing more deformities than what they already have had. Even after the elimination goal, more is to be done both by the Government and by the N.G.Os for the existing old and chronic H.D. patients in both the community and the colonies. May the Government, N.G.Os and the Public join together in the efforts to make our country free of Leprosy. - Late V. Venkateswara Rao.