GRETNALTES is a voluntary and philanthropic Non – Profitable organisation, fighting against Leprosy and Tuberculosis, aiming towards other Poverty related diseases. It also extended its services to education other than health, in order to provide Quality education to the unprivileged children such as:

  • Children from the families of Leprosy Affected
  • Children who are affected with Leprosy, Mentally/Physically challenged and orphans


  • To ensure treatment, rehabilitation, IEC and other health facilities provided to the persons affected with Leprosy
  • To integrate Leprosy with other communicable diseases viz. Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and other general health issues
  • To upgrade and ensure existing educational institution with International standards of Education
  • Providing specialised training as service orientation within the reach of the children from Leprosy Affected Families
  • To initiate other Health Programmes which are due to Poverty – Health for the Poorest
  • To initiate Income generating activities to achieve sustainability