• A Society free of Leprosy burden and other poverty related diseases.
  • A Society with no person with deformities caused due to Leprosy.
  •  The children of the sufferers from Leprosy and other diseases get high quality and value added education in such a way that they help the unprivileged people of the society in future.


  • To eradicate Leprosy in the Community.
  • To take up the welfare activities to the Persons Affected with Leprosy.
  • To take up the developmental activities to the people who are living “Below poverty Line”.
  • To impart Education to the downtrodden Leprosy Affected families, orphans, destitutes, widows and the other unprivileged groups of the Society.
  • To make efforts for Integrity Dignity and Educational Advancement of the persons who are in utter need of it.