Referral Hospital for the Persons Affected with Leprosy

GRETNALTES started a Referral Hospital in the year 1984 in Morampudi, in order to offer clinical Leprosy Services to the Persons Affected with Leprosy. In the Referral Hospital both in-patient and out-patient clinical services are available. The severe complications of the Persons affected with Leprosy viz. Ulcers, Reactions, Physiotherapy and other general complications are taken care. ‘This referral Hospital is the only available specialized Leprosy Hospital in 3 Districts (Guntur, Prakasam, and Krishna). It is recognized by Central Leprosy Division - Government of India. The referral Hospital provided 400,000 In-patient services 700,00 out-patient services

Disability Prevention and Medical Rehabilitation – DPMR

This is a new programme initiated by the Government of India. Under this programme the main focus is made upon Reconstructive Surgeries - RCS.
GRETNALTES started its own RCS centre in the year 2007. It has performed 1008 surgeries

Disability Prevention and Education in Leprosy – DISPEL

The treatment to Leprosy became very easy after the introduction of Multi Drug Therapy- MDT. But the deformities occurred due to Leprosy are permanent. It is atmost important to deal with the old and chronic disabled patients. This is also known as 'Care after Cure'. These old and chronic patients should be paid much attention inorder to manage their deformities viz. Healing of Ulcers, Surgical corrections to the hands, feet and eyes, supply of dressing materials, required medicines and most importantly the supply of Micro Cellular Rubber foot wear. (Most essential need of the Leprosy Affected Person in order to protect anaesthetic feet). To cater the needs of these patients at the Primary Health Centre Level, special field programme is derived in the name of DISPEL. It continued up to June- 2009. The need of such project is still needed as there are people affected by Leprosy are awaiting great help. The programme was started as a pilot in Guntur, Khammam and Rangareddy Districts of Andhra Pradesh.