Survey Education Treatment - S.E.T

GRETNALTES conducted SET programme under National Leprosy Elimination Programme – NLEP programme in 3 districts of AndhraPradesh, namely Guntur, Khammam and Rangareddy by covering a population of 3 million. With the help of Multi Drug Therapy – MDT, nearly 50,000 Persons Affected with Leprosy are released from the disease.

As most of the states in INDIA reached the goal of elimination (Less than 1 leprosy case in 10000 population), the GOI – Government of India, integrated the Leprosy disease with General Health and SET programme was abolished in Andhrapradesh. So, GRETNALTES also stopped its SET activities from September 2003.


  • To Eliminate Leprosy in the Society
  • To Create Awareness about Leprosy in the Community as well as in the Colonies
  • To refer the suspicious cases to the District Nucleus Team
  • To refer the disabled cases to the Referral Centre
  • To reduce Stigma in the Society