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Donation will be accepted for the below services

Service No of Patients Amount
Inpatient Treatment (for general complications effected by Leprosy for single patient)1500
Rs 1500/- (Average Bed Days? 07)
Rs. 0/-
Inpatient Treatment for Ulcer3000
Rs 3000/- (Average Bed Days? 12)
Rs. 0/-
Inpatient Treatment for reaction3000
Rs 3000/- (Average Bed Days? 14)
Rs. 0/-
Reconstructive surgery20000
Rs 20000/- (Average Bed Days? 45)
Rs. 0/-
Outpatient treatment500
Rs 500/- (Per visit)
Rs. 0/-
Footwear with Micro Cellular Rubber375
Rs 375/- (Per Pair)
Rs. 0/-
Rehabilitating TB infected person1500
Rs 1500/- (Per Month)
Rs. 0/-
Sponsoring education for a child from Leprosy effected family (day schalor)1500
Rs 1,500/- per annam
Rs. 0/-
Sponsoring education Boarding, School Uniform and Books for a child from leprosy effected family (Residential)50000
Rs 50,000/- per annam
Rs. 0/-
Sponsoring Food for inpatient102
Rs 102/- per day (Can donate for multiple number of days)
Rs. 0/-
Total 0 Rs. 0/-

Support the work of GRETNALTES

Since 1981...

  1. Around 65000 leprosy effected people are served with MDT (Multi Drug Therapy) through free referral hospitals
  2. Around 3,00,000 inpatient services and 6,00,000 outpatient services were given to the people effected by the leprosy

Since 2003...

  1. Around 25,000 Tuberculosis (TB) effected people with DOTS (Direct Observation treatment services) under RNTBCP (Revised National TB Control Program)
  2. Every Year unprivileged students are provided with Free and Quality Education along with Hostel
  3. For around 33 villages, GRETNALTES is providing general health services for the rural and poor people of around 33 villages

  • Donations will be accepted for Hospital Furniture, Medical equipment, Bandages, Medicines, and so on in kind. You can opt by cash, cheque, DD and online payment provide on our website
  • All the donations are exempted under section 80(G) of Income Tax Act
  • Gretnaltes exempted under 12(A) of Income Tax Act
  • Gretnaltes is recognized referral hospital by Govt of India