Disability Prevention and Medical Rehabilitation - D.P.R.M

GRETNALTES is being participated with the help of FAIRMED in the DPMR programme, initiated by the Government of India. In 2007 GRETNALTES started its own R C S centre – Reconstructive Surgery Centre, at its Headquarter. Under DPMR, GRETNALTES is successfully performing Reconstructive Surgeries with 100% success rate. The PALs from 7 Districts are approaching voluntarily the RCS centre. Government pay's 5000/- , as incentives to the patients who undergo RCS. In the year 2009-2010 the incentives are disbursed to 135 PALs who underwent R.C.S.


  • To perform Reconstructive Surgeries to the needy patients
  • To take Pre and Post operative care of the PALs who undergo RCS.
  • To play a key role in the secondary and thirsiry level.
  • To give counselling to PALs inorder to adopt self care.
  • To provide M.C.R – Micro Cellular Rubber footwear to the needy patients